There are hundreds of affiliate network programs out there that promise high conversion rate and transparent profit-sharing schemes. However, the success of an affiliate network program depends more on the demographics of web traffic, content, keyword density and positioning, and the number of niches serviced by the web publisher. For web publishers who are aware of the golden rules of web traffic management and Internet visibility, the second most important thing to consider when choosing which affiliate marketing network to join is the pricing model. Cost per action (CPA) is perhaps the pricing model that offers the best value for advertisers’ money. Some web publishers may find CPA less profitable than pay per click (PPC) ads, but this should not be the case for web publishers that invest on content management and traffic creation.

Affiliate network schemes operating on CPA structure is now overshadowing PPC models that are widely abused by greedy web publishers. With CPA, advertisers only pay web publishers based on the specific actions accomplished by a web visitor. The most common type of CPA scheme is the Cost per Acquisition model, which ties the amount of ad revenue with the number of sale orders placed by a web visitor. Compared with PPC and Cost per Impressions (CPM), CPA offers higher return on investments since no money is wasted for clicks that do not lead to sales or brand awareness. CPA guarantees fraud-free transactions and saves advertisers from paid-to-surf visitors that are draining their Internet marketing budget.

Why web publishers should join a CPA affiliate network? CPA benefits web publishers as it does to advertisers. Combining CPA banners with PPC ads will definitely increase profit channels, especially in web sites with a cult-like status. For instance, narrowly segmented web sites, like those run by book clubs, tend to influence the buying decisions of their members more than Oprah Winfrey can. Web sites that have a solid base of loyal visitors will lose a great income potential if they do not join a CPA affiliate network program. It is true that the Check Out or Pay buttons are less frequently hit by web visitors than PPC banners, but the earnings per successful sales referral are higher in CPA than in PPC for apparent reason. It is best to think of CPA earnings as sales commissions.

When choosing which CPA affiliate network program to join, the most important things to be considered by advertisers are the popularity and market niches of the web publishers listed in the network, transparency of transactions and the channels of web traffic provided by the affiliate network provider. Successful affiliate marketing networks usually offer web publishers the most flexible payment schemes and banner templates. Advertisers must check if a prospective affiliate network provider is committed in helping web publishers optimize their profit.

Clickbooth offers exclusive CPA brands and strategic channels that are mutually beneficial to advertisers and web publishers. With its stringent criteria for screening web publishers and analytical tools for tracking leads and better paths, Clickbooth has earned the trust of several Fortune 500 companies. With prestigious brands under its network, Clickbooth can provide web publishers exclusive access to the most sought brands.

Ted Rutherford is a market analyst who specializes in Internet marketing and affiliate network programs. His recent research focused on the trends in affiliate marketing, notably the transition from PPC to CPA affiliate network models.

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