The downfall of many affiliate websites and why they have trouble making money.

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0 Responses to “Why Many Affiliate Web Sites Fail”

  • @shingymac39 Laziness is a HUGE problem. Some people want something for nothing. I agree. Thanks for the compliment.

  • Lets face it. 99.9% of all people that fail in “Affiliate Marketing” fail because they’re lazy as hell. I don’t care if you write all their content for them, pick the best products to sell on their site and even offer to get them web traffic, they’ll still find a way NOT to earn a penny from affiliate marketing. All your videos are great Lisa. You offer the best advice on the net. You make learning Affiliate Marketing fun!! Plus you’re cute as hell also. lol….

  • i build sites as well, i would like to work with u. google awp photography

  • question, since I trust you, I wanted to ask you before i do this. buying mike jones course for how to be an affiliate? yes or no? or is there someone better?

  • Before you go to register a new domain name, its very important that you sit down and
    generate a list of potential names for your affiliate leads capture page. There are two
    approaches to doing this:
    • Brand a site for the promotion of one affiliate product
    • Brand a site for the promotion of multiple affiliate products

  • Anybody starting a business this is what I tell them. Even if it’s not an internet business.. 1:40 – 2:36

  • would you charge to put a website toggether?

  • Hey Lisa,
    a fantastic video as always! Keep up the good work!

    Mehak Naheem

  • Hello Lisa! I saw one of your videos a couple of years ago. And I even went in to to your site and learned a couple of things. THIS video however, really has hit me with your message. Thank you. You have motivated me to get started. THE RIGHT WAY. Marco

  • lol

  • I’m still alive as far as I can tell. 😉

  • you sound like u know what your talking about and ur pretty saxy that always hwlps, lol;)

  • Did this girl died ?

  • nerds…

  • Oh ok

  • This is an awesome video Lisa! I am an amateur photographer and love to take pictures. I am a member on many photo forums and chat room.
    I am planning to do exactly what you mentioned. I notice tons of photo site and photography site. I am going to do the opposite. I am going to tell everyone how hard it was to become a photographer and run my photography business. Event photography pays a lot of my and I will explain why! Thanks Lisa

  • Hi Lisa, I really appreciate your videos. It’s great to to actually hear someone talk about a topic. It feels like I’m having a conversation with you. I’m new to blogging but am already finding it limiting so am playing around with ideas for a website. I will be sure to check out your other videos and get as much as possible out of your website also. Thanks

  • great job

  • I love your page. Most informative than all the other channels on here. And the realest. I value your opinion a lot for the fact that you started in the Wild Wild West of Internet Business and still doing it big. Blesses in your success.

  • Hey Lisa! I just wanted to let you know that I love your videos. They are so informative and have helped me see website creation in a new way. Thanks:)

  • Subject and substance people

  • I am rolling on the floor right now!!!!

  • good topic

  • Great video!

    When you said “Pay-per-click market” I heard “Paper clip market” and I was wondering how people were making so much money on paper clips!

  • Are you a moron?? There are no pain free ways to make money.


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