The world of online advertising has been saved from unobstructed payment of advertisements that does not fuel profit gain. Cost Per Action (CPA) Advertising has been in the frontline when it comes to low-risk online advertising as it only entail advertisers to pay when certain actions or performances are made such as sales, downloads and leads. Unlike the traditional models of internet advertising such as Cost Per Impression (CPM) and Cost Per Click (CPC),  CPA is strictly conversion- or performance- contingent so publishers need not expect payments for every click or ad impression. Through this, advertisers get to pay only for ads that give result and enjoy free-of-charge traffic. Furthermore, the traditional models are only after brand exposure, thus, little attention is given to their return on investment (ROI). CPA, on the other hand, is not just about getting exposure but also about profit or income generation through sales or leads. Having said that, CPA offers every advertiser the prospect to regulate their ROI. The only challenge to advertisers is that websites and offers have to be made creative to result to exponential conversions or actions.

Cost Per Action Advertising is also an important bidding deal that could lead to desired actions or conversions that advertisers would like to receive in their campaigns. But in order to do this, there are rules of thumb that have to be followed and these are:

•    By Hand. Advertisers can determine the CPA that they want and decide whether to raise or lower their bids to reach their CPA goal. Remember to raise bids that are less than the conversion cost and lower bids on terms over the average conversion cost.

•    Paid Tools and services. You can choose from a variety of bid management services that could help you reach your target CPA while lowering the advertising costs and improving ROI.

•    Google’s Free Tool- The search engine, Google, also gives you conversion optimization service for free.
If you also want the best cost per action advertising that there is, simply adhere to the best practices in search marketing that includes conducting keyword research, incorporating WordStream with current Adwords in Google, establish Ad groups and campaigns and so on. These best practices will help marketers or advertisers identify relevant keywords through research, create Ad Text at its utmost level and improve the quality score of Ads. If you want to learn more about these best practices, WordStream gives the most up-to-date software applications that would help you learn more about them.

This new pricing model has indeed given merchants or advertisers a greater deal and more flexibility. They also allow publishers to have an alternative means of income as they get to be paid by advertising certain products or services through their websites. Publishers need to be wise when making the deals though as they run the advertising risk of not being paid according to the actual number of conversions or performances made on their sites. They must have the queer eye when it comes to the tracking of their audience’s behavior or performance while on their site to be sure that they are well-compensated for.

Don’t jump in like an amatuer, for professional tips and techniques on Cost Per Action Advertising. Also be sure to read our Zero Friction Marketing review, the hot new Action Advertising blueprint to copy and paste profits.

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