The answer, even though it sounds incredible, is yes. There are numerous ways that Internet marketers are finding to exploit the power of the Internet to make money without necessarily having to spend time buying domain names, getting a hosting company, picking out design templates, or writing content to drive traffic to the site. Instead, some ingenious Internet marketers have discovered the power of CPA networks and/or third party sites to make money.

There is a great benefit to only having to manage an advertising account to make money. It frees up creativity to brainstorm new ways to make money. It saves time in activities that don’t really add to the bottom line. And, it can be a lot of fun!

What Third Party Sites Can You Use?

Practically any site with a ton of traffic is going to work for CPA advertising, as long as it doesn’t violate the terms of the service agreement. Some Internet marketers are exploring Youtube, by paying to get links, screenshots, or promotions on popular videos. Any place there is a spot to put a link, and there is nothing in the service agreement that says you can’t put a promotion there, you can use.

Others seek out major search engines and try to leverage their advertising power with CPA networks. That way, they don’t drive traffic directly to their website, using a Google Adwords or Adsense campaign, instead they use a PPC-to-CPA strategy, that’s “pay-per-click to cost-per-action.” Yes, it does take some upfront money to start these types of campaigns, but it’s easy to evaluate the return on the investment fairly quickly too. This makes it ideal to change and tweak the campaigns, even while they’re ongoing!
Social Networking Sites Increasingly Being Explored

The newest members of the Internet community, social networking sites, provide a very interesting platform for targeted ads. Facebook sells Social Ads that can be targeted to finely tuned demographics. You can buy ads and send them to your CPA offer too, if it doesn’t violate the terms of service. Some people make a lot of money with Social Ads and they don’t even keep a profile in Facebook, they just buy ads! Of course, those ads are promoting offers that make them money in the long run, but it can be a quite ingenious model that doesn’t even need a website to perform well.

MySpace is another option that Internet marketers have researched and implemented. There are tons of different social networking sites, and it’s just a matter of figuring new strategies to hit the mother lode. With so many new possibilities, there’s bound to be some undiscovered technique that leads to treasure, regardless of whether you know a single line of HTML code or not. And, it’s all just waiting for you at the tip of your fingers for the smart Internet entrepreneur. And, all it takes is a little ingenuity and some knowledge of CPA networks.

The Benefits Of CPA Networks

CPA stands for “cost-per-action” and is a model of performance-based affiliate advertising. In this model, advertisers don’t pay for clicks or impressions, they pay by the action requested, which can be to generate a lead or a sale. Even though CPA networks have less market share than typical affiliate programs, like pay-per-click models, they are slowly expanding that as both publishers and advertisers begin to understand the many benefits that CPA networks can offer them.

In a recession, people are less likely to have money in their pockets, so they may not be shopping. That means that the return on investment for ad campaigns has dropped. If they drop significantly, online companies cut their advertising budgets because they can’t determine from traditional models, whether they money spent is really giving them a good return on their investment. But, with CPA networks, they can pay for cost-per-action and so continue to create ad campaigns that work for them and for the publishers.

Benefits For Publishers

Publishers can a myriad of benefits too! With CPA networks they can:

l Avoid Website Development – They don’t necessarily have to even have a website to implement the CPA network offer, although they can be a good intermediary for some third party sites.

l Eliminate Designing Landing Pages – With or without a website, the need to create landing pages falls mainly with the affiliate advertiser. That’s because they are paying for an action carried out on their site, not for a click or an impression.

l Reduced Learning Curve – Since you don’t have to have landing pages, websites, or even code a web page if you don’t want to, you have more time to devote to finding relevant CPA offers and generating strategies that make money.

l Higher Commissions – Clicks can get you a few cents per visitor, but CPA offers range from $1 to $50 per lead or sale. With a much higher payout available, the potential to make money is easier.

Benefits For Advertisers

l Pay For Performance – They don’t have to pay for clicks that may or may not lead to a sale or a lead. Instead, they pay for an action that will definitely develop a lead or a sale. This way, they can a quantifiable return on investment, unlike other models.

l Easier To Budget – Since the model is based on performance, and that performance can be a sale, they can easily budget money for advertising and know they aren’t wasting it. They can figure out how much profit they make on a sale and how much their campaign costs to generate that sale, and then realize better and better ways to increase profits, with little to no risk of losing their principal investment with no return.

l Fraud Prevention – CPA networks are not subject to click fraud like pay-per-click models. And, the members are vetted by CPA administrators intent on providing value to both publishers and affiliate advertisers. So, there is far less risk involved with established CPA networks.

Start CPA marketing NOW.

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