Affiliate Marketing – How to Achieve Long Term Success in 4 Easy Steps!

Right now there are 1000’s of people online making money with affiliate marketing, there are also 1000’s of people online looking for something, may it be more money or a simple solution to acne. The fact is that there are countless opportunities to make money online with affiliate marketing. The question is how do you build it into a long-term business model, a business model that will pay you month after month for years to come.

In my experience there are 4 easy steps to any successful affiliate marketing business (system), they are:

Step 1: Product, obviously you must have a product to sell, the choice of your product is important but irrelevant in the sense that once you have your sales system down you can sell anything, because you will know how to choose hot products in niche markets and know how to position it in front of 1000’s of hungry customers, however, starting out I do highly recommend you choose a product that you have some interest in and that you undertake to focus on this one product until you have succeeded before you move onto another one, once you more experienced you can run with multiple new projects at a time.

Step 2: Traffic, is the life blood of your business, there are a number of varieties of traffic, namely free traffic (the most wanted) like from forums, articles, press releases, etc. and paid traffic like pay per click, banners, ezine articles, CPA networks, etc. This is the most difficult part of your online business, probably takes the most time to master but there are simple free and low cost ways to get you going right away and build on.

Step 3: List, I’ve put list here because this is your business, this how you build stability and how you have $10 000 days and if you do it properly million dollar days. Ask any successful online “guru” and they will be quick to tell you the money is in the list. Now when you start out you will more than likely not have this in place, yet. That’s fine but be sure to start building your list as quickly as possible, you long-term success depends on it.

Step 4: Monetize, kaching, kaching, that is the reward for building your business properly, you make money, you are in business, you can fire your boss, great isn’t it? Being able to choose a product, generate traffic, capture leads for your e-mail list and then selling you product and in the future many more, is the ultimate goal of any on and offline business, for that matter.

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