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Affiliate marketing is the place where the majority of Internet Marketing “entrants” first look when approaching the idea of making money online.

The reason for this is clear.

An affiliate marketer doesn’t have to engage in the long, and often painful, process of developing a product to sell to a market. In fact, if you want to just do it the way I do, go to Clickbank.

Once you are there, look at the various “market segments” Clickbank divides it’s considerable marketing world into.

Make a list of the top three or four products in each segment.

There you are! That’s what’s hot. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be in the top three! So don’t use the same list forever!

Make a new list once a month and, pretty soon, when you get your marketing plan together, you’ll hit a home run because because you are playing ball in the right park.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make money selling products that are not in the top three or four. You can.

But how to pick a product isn’t the main reason I wrote this article. I want to talk to you about HOW you are going to sell this product.

I have only had success in one way.

First – I pick what looks to me like the best product at that time, and the product pretty much defines the buyer type and thus the niche.

Second – I make a sales page (very low key-most high powered internet marketers wouldn’t do this – but I am NOT one of those high-powered marketers) that presents the product in a good way.

Third – I then put that page at a url that will help it get well ranked for a keyword at the beginning of the url and the keyword has to be VERY relevant to the product or market.

Fourth – I get a few links to the url by posting it out on the web at a few places. I like Stumbleupon and Digg and Reddit. I get some other links to that url by submitting my rss feeds to some “feed aggregators” like and

Fifth – I write a few articles (this is one!) about the topic “keyword” and put them at Ezine (at a minimum) and other article places if I can. Recently I enabled myself to place articles at hundreds of places (including EzineArticles) by paying for a mass submission outfit to…well…mass submit my articles to LOTS of places. It has real impact.

Sixth – This should be about the fourth day. Maybe fifth. At first, when you are slow at it. On this day I check to see if I am “indexed by Google.”

How easy is that? You select your entire URL and copy it. Now go to the Google search box and paste it in. If you come up right at the top or near you are indexed! Google knows who you are!

A ton of half baked sites are out there, but no one knows it. You can bet they are NOT indexed and I can hear them screaming about low traffic now!

Seventh – What I do…while I am looking to start another easy affiliate marketing site is to go through a series of other things I can do to cause traffic to come to my site.

Like I will put a ‘pointer” post on 3StepAds. The links I put on there “point” to pages I want to increase the rank of. There are other places like this too.

In that “pointer post” I will place links pointing back to my site! If I was selling fish oil it would look like this in the text body of the post… “There are many great benefits you receive when you take 2 of these fish oil capsules in the morning.” The italicized keyword “fish oil capsules” would be a hyperlink to my “fish oil capsules” URL. Get it?

The keyword “fish oil capsules” is one of Googles most important ranking factors. Google considers a “text link” that is in context (where it belongs – and not just in some random place) an important “vote” for your site being good for “fish oil capsules.” They (google) then start to move you toward the first page for “fish oil capsules.”

On some keywords I got to first page fast! Like a week. On others – never. But one things RULES! You absolutely have to have traffic to your site!

And Google Page One gets you TRAFFIC!

Riley West has been showing people how to succeed at easy affiliate marketing for quite some time now. The formula is Web Page + Offer + Traffic = Sales. If you want to learn more about how to use this simple and productive model for affiliate marketing just click that last link or click this next one…One Week Marketing for fast free sites that are easy to build.

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