The key to a successful google pay per click advertising is to know who your audience is and how they respond. If you can’t distinguish your audience in advance, doing pay per click might not be suitable for you because you’re going to waste your money over time.

All the smart ppc advertisers out there on the internet know in advance who their target customers are and how they respond to any offers they put in front of them. But for some newbie advertisers, they always think that if they could put their product or their affiliate offer in front of any prospects out there online they are band to make money.

Well, if that’s how you’re running your business using ppc campaign I suggest you slow down and take a deep breathe before you continue your advertising journey. What you want to do is to simply narrow down your vague keywords into few ones that make sense to you. As yourself if you were to be the person who are searching for the kind of product you want to sell. What keywords would you type into the search engine?

Some people think that if they have 10,000 keywords going on in their campaign that’s how they are going to make a whole bunch of money very fast. That’s good for people who have a lot of money to invest in their campaign but there is know guarantee that they are going to make any money with those massive keywords they throw out there.

What guarantee you to make return on investment for any campaign you do is by eliminating the keywords that you think does not have anything to do with the product you’re selling. As you may have know, people always buy something when the are in a state of unconsciousness. And your goal is to target that kind of people who want to buy not the people who are just browsing through the internet.

When I first started to do my pay per click campaigned online several years ago I lost a lot of money just because of my ignorance. I was bidding on massive keywords that had nothing to do with emotional state of mind and I lost a quite bit of money in that process. Anyway, I learned a big lesson right there that help me to shaped how I run any campaign online these days.

You see, most of the people who I know that are making massive dollars online using ppc don’t have more than 200 buying keywords which they replicate over and over again. That’s what you have to find out how to get in your marketing campaign arsenal. Its easy to get most of the profitable keywords these days than ever before.

What you want to do is to simple find out good software that you can use to start spying any keywords in your niche market that is already doing well for the past 90 days for the advertisers. Once you find some good keywords that is already making money the advertisers then simply copy them and do a little modification of you own if you want to. After that, plug them into your system and fire up your campaign. This way you would make money very fast.

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