Part 1 of 3 Whoa…it’s sure been busy here around The New PPC office. Last week we did a presentation at Mike Filsaime’s event in Long Island. It was really weird standing in front of a group of the biggest marketers in the online marketing world and showing them what we’ve been up to with our PPC stuff… The weirdest part was seeing the looks of amazement on their faces. We actually stunned the “gurus”. And we decided that this information should NOT be limited to the people who attended that $5000 per ticket workshop…so we put all the information into a new video for you. The video starts with a few basics (hey, even some top marketers are just NOW getting started with PPC)… and then we quickly show you the thing that got everybody in Long Island all lathered up… “The Perpetual Keyword Money Machine” Yeah, we know, it sounds a little “hypey”. But check out the video and see for yourself that it’s a great description. Nothing for sale in the video, and you don’t have to give us your email address: Here’s a sample of what’s in this video… – Broad Matching. How to avoid losing money by choosing the wrong keywords. – Phrase Matching… and the secret of grouping words together to lower your PPC costs and raise your ROI immediately. – Exact Matching. It is what it says… how to show people exactly what they’re looking for. And nothing else. – Negative Keywords and how you can “screen” your traffic. Only pay for profitable clicks, not for the money-suckers

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15 Responses to “The New PPC – Video 4 – Advanced AdWords Strategies – Part 1”

  • It’s the marketing strategy that really makes all the differnece.

  • the header says “advanced strategies” and you talk about keyword matching? if thats advanced what the hell is basic?

  • Who the fuck cares about volume level, are you a man or are you a woman?! Anyway, awesome vid and great tips!!

  • To Larry and Amish…I gotta agree w the viewers as to vid quality.

    Now about the CONTENT. Yes I get it! This is cutting edge education that can make me some double-serious money.

    Actually I believe Im taking in more because I’m concentrating that much more to get it…and oh yeah, I’m hungry for this content.

    Thanks for the $1 offer to try the Pro version. If I can’t make it out here in the IM world now, then I just don’t want it badly enough.

    Thanks again, excellent stuff!

  • I have an ad that will pay 25 cents per click which is more than google adsense pays. My aim is imansports for more detail.

  • Great information and volume was fine on my system. Thanks for the info!

  • Yea tha volume makes me think im deaf.

  • Hey larry and shah I need to build a site thats seo sem freindly do you know of any company that you can recommend that can do it for me from A-Z

  • is there audio? i didnt even here a thing.

  • I appreciate your information, it is a good video but difficult to see and read the topics you were talking about. Perhaps you can make a larger version to post on your site. Also, test your volume before uploading.
    This will help you to improve on your future videos.


  • Give them a break, they are helping people!

  • agreed bad volume level

  • volume really sucks on this vid.

  • Hi, I had a hard time hearing some of the video, too, but it’s OK because I didn’t really understand what it was but what I wanted to ask you is if it will help me get more people to my blog I am doing or if that SEOBook site might be better for me still?


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