www.billmcintosh.tv Watch this step-by-step video about how to setup a new YouTube account and start advertising on YouTube’s Sponsored search (If you’ve already got a YouTube account, skip forward a little bit). Then Tune in to my live Internet marketing broadcast @ 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time every Tuesday… I’ll give out tips and tricks on using Sponsored Search. Head on over to: www.billmcintosh.tv To watch live, or subscribe to my online marketing newslatter where I’ll teach you about ppc (pay per click), adsense, affiliate programs, SEO (search engine optimization) and more. I’ll also announce every time I’m going live on my online marketing show and will take your questions on the air. See you there!

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0 Responses to “Setup YouTube Sponsored PPC Search: The New Google Adwords”

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  • Nice video my friend. Endless ways to promote on Google
    Defintely want to tune in to your test results and leverage. Let me know how I can get those results.
    Looking foward for more knowledge from you

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  • Great video. Looking for forward to this being rolled out in Australia.

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  • Good video. I have been trying for three days to get a sponsored ad set up with YouTube, however after I pick my keywords and my set my budget I go to the next step and I get a message from that says an internal error occurred and I have to try again. After 30 attempts and the same message it gets frustrating. Anyone else have this problem and know how to solve it???

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