Recently Scott Boulch released a report you most likely read called the Death of adsense (waiting for approval before I post a direct download link to the reports).

Basically to sum it up Scott says Adsense is dead and can be replaced by a CPA (Cost Per Action) model for sites that currently use Adsense as their main source of income.

I’m not taking sides in this case because doing that is only important to someones self esteem, I only care about results not opinions.

So let’s see why you shouldn’t take sides quite yet because there’s a few things to consider.

Pro’s about CPA networks (not in any particular order):


1. If your website audience/topic matches offers from these networks you can make a lot more money then with Adsense (If your website is for example a credit card offers site or a “Freebie” site you can make a lot of money with a CPA model).

3. You can open the Ad links in a new window and not lose your visitor.

4. A lot of CPA advertisers let you “Incentive Offers” meaning you can encourage the visitor to your site to fill out a form or whatever the Action is by giving them something Free.

5. You can send out offers directly through email.

6. You can use “Free” Offers as bonuses to your products.

7. You can use offers to monetize pop-up traffic.


1. If your site doesn’t match the offers on the networks then it’s pretty pointless to use ads that are not targeted to your audience.

2. Some of the bigger networks won’t let “newbies” in. If your site isn’t getting a lot of traffic you might not get into the networks.

3. While CPA has been around a while many mainstream advertisers that use Adwords and other PPC search engines aren’t using a CPA model yet. Google is working on a CPA model program which is definitely a good thing but I think we are 1-2 years away from getting a large portion of advertisers to use this model on top of PPC.

4. Your definition of CPA and an advertisers might not be the same, and deciphering if you’re getting paid for a FREE action the visitor can take or a sale is sometimes hard to determine. Also for credit card offers and the like they are for “approved applications” some of the advertisers don’t clearly state this.

5. You will notice you can get $1 or more for just getting someone to enter their name and email (or sometimes zip codes) but the problem is a lot of the advertisers that do this have terms that make the users shy away from entering their information (mainly the “Get a free Ipod or Xbox sites”) because they require the visitor to fill out another 8 forms and refer 8 friends etc just to get the “gift”.

6. You’re in the dark when it comes to actually accounting if your visitors did or did not complete an action. It would be very easy for an advertiser to not count certain actions (I’ve worked with a lot of companies and I know some of the big advertisers on some of the CPA networks and they are not always straight shooters).

7. Offers come and go. A link that’s working for a special offer might not work tomorrow (While this is true for everything, your website maintence will be increased over adsense at least).

8. Some advertisers only allow certain traffic. Say US traffic and any other traffic doesn’t count.

Remember, let results determine what you use to monetize your website.

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