YouTube Advertising With YouTube Sponsored Videos. Now you can advertise on YouTube and reach its 74 million unqiue users in the United States. YouTube serves close to 1 billion videos every day and provides nearly 75% of all online videos viewed. YouTube’s auction style PPC based platform enables early adopters to take full advantage of little competition and low CPCs. JumpFly can take care of everything for you, including creating a channel page, videos and your YouTube PPC Campaign. Plus, we’re fully qualified and supported by Google, Yahoo & Microsoft. JumpFly has been recognized by TopSEOs. the authority on search engine vendors, as the Best PPC Management Company. Work with the proven leaders in PPC advertising and get found on YouTube today. About JumpFly: JumpFly professionally develops, implements and manages Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter Pay Per Click Advertising accounts, enabling clients to maximize results while saving time and money. Proper setup and management of these powerful programs will likely make the difference between an advertiser’s success or failure. JumpFly’s full-service solution enables clients to focus on their core business while attaining the best possible results from their Search Engine Marketing campaigns. JumpFly is a Google AdWords Qualified Company, Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador and Microsoft adCenter Premium Partner. JumpFly was recently named the #1 PPC Company in the country by

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0 Responses to “YouTube Advertising With YouTube Sponsored Videos”

  • @JumpFlyInc PLEASE STOP!!!

  • Can you resist clickin’ my name?
    – How many did fail?
    – How many channel views have I got from this?
    – Can you still resist?

  • more adds!!!
    but while im here please check out my youtube page it will make you laugh or and chuckle in the least :]

  • @wnxsilence Fuck you. You think everything is free. Go and move to Greece. Everything is free there and look at the fucking mess they are in. Grow up you fucking socialist.

  • fuck those god damn ads before a video. i tired of watching a 30 second ad before a video. YOU just ruined YOUTUBE with your fucking time wasting ads . I miss the old youtube without video ads

  • Can you resist clickin’ my name?

    – How many did fail?
    – How many channel views have I got from this?
    – Can you still resist?

  • youtube is dead….

  • Lol, I just press F5 and skip the Advertisements.

  • i hate internet ads more than anything on my computer. FUCK YOU GOOGLE YOU ARE MAKING MY YOUTUBE WORSE EVERY FUCKING YEAR.

  • well how

  • Hey! My bands youtube is trying to get at least 50,000 subs, please subscribe!


  • Fuck Google, Fuck Advertising, Fuck Commercialism, Fuck Capitalism!

  • Thats for t.v…..

  • omg, just download firefox and install an add on called adblockplus. I literally havent seen a single ad in over a year now, not even before a video.

  • Yeah, that’s called “forced advertising”. I rather skip the video than watch the sleazy ads.

  • How do you do this?

  • WE DONT WANT ADS IN OUR VIDEOS IDIOT, Ads at the side of the site is okay, use fullscreen and you don’t see it. but inside, fuck that shit man.

  • Hell, buses are doing exactly the same thing, so I don’t see what your issues are. You’ll find advertising everywhere you turn. Best thing to do about it? Shut up and get on with it!
    So before you bitch about advertising, see it this way: It’s got you a job (how would you know the job existed without its advertising?) and is keeping a lot of decent services free!
    Sorry about my crappy spelling; I’m typing in the dark.

  • won’t attract any advertisers at all’?
    Look, all youtube are trying to do is stay active through allowing advertising as opposed to YOU paying through your asses for it. To be fair, I think that’s rather generous of them, seeing as many other sites would rather you pay for them. Just press refresh or F5 to avoid them. Or wait a few seconds. That’s all!
    Are you so greedy as to not be able to wait 4 seconds and then move your finger? Besides, all advertising is, is to keep people working.

  • I don’t understand you people. Obtaining something devent and free nowadays is relatively out of the question. So when something comes along, you should atleast have the courtesy to give a bit of leeway for its sponsorship. Public schools, Churches, Wikipedia, Youtube are all free (cancellig out secondary bills such as trips, charity and internet charge), and they are all decent. What? Are you people so naive as to think ‘oh look, a public, free site that obtains millions of viewers per day

  • no that is ads by google (adsense) not jumpfliy

  • I hate how youtube puts a commercial before some popular videos. It’s only going to get me pissed and want to boycott the product. They should at least make a skip button or let you fast-forward that BS. FUCK COMMERCIALS!! BOOOOO!!!!

  • FUCK U youtube is meant for creativity now its a internet whore go back to fucking tv assholes

  • I see this video has upset some of you. JumpFly did not create the YouTube ad marketplace. We just planned to help advertisers seeking to explore it to do it properly. In reality, we do not even provide this service to any customers at this time. Our focus is PPC Management. You angry posters enjoy the benefits of an amazing free service like YouTube but then complain about occassional ads. I don’t get it. Would you prefer to pay for YouTube? They need to pay for their server space.


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