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According to foreign media reported yesterday, sources in the past two months, Microsoft has been under negotiation mobile ad network Millennial Media, and claimed the two Dell Inspiron 9400 Battery have agreed on basic terms, but has yet to finalize a definitive acquisition agreement.

Prior to the industry have been rumors that Microsoft intends to buy Millennial Media, to expand its mobile advertising business territory. If Microsoft negotiation regarding the latter is true, then Microsoft, then into Google (Google) and Apple’s footsteps, became the latest in mobile ad network recently acquired a large company. Previously, Google and Apple to spend 750 million U.S. dollars and 2.75 billion U.S. dollars, the acquisition of a mobile ad network AdMob and Quattro Wireless. Among them, Google is still waiting for the acquisition transaction AdMob U.S. government approval.

However, the trade on rumors that Microsoft’s acquisition of Millennial Media expressed doubts. He believes that Microsoft does not need to Millennial Media. Microsoft in 2007 after the acquisition of ScreenTonic mobile advertising company, already has a number of mobile advertising products, so no hurry to buy mobile advertising. And if Google successfully acquired AdMob, Microsoft did not even need to avoid rushing to buy the latter sidelined Millennial Media Google capsule.

Some people think that Microsoft’s current mobile advertising business focused on MSN Mobile, will be (Bing) mobile search on, in addition to Microsoft and Verizon and other mobile operators signed advertising agreement. Microsoft’s acquisition of Millennial Media allows rapid access to more opportunities, covering more advertising providers and mobile applications, such as the iPhone, Android and other mobile phone platform applications. According to market research firm Nielsen statistics show that, Millennial Media covering 80% of U.S. mobile Internet users, while Microsoft’s figure was only 50%.

But the industry also pointed out that if Apple, Google began to iPhone and Android application developers to provide a powerful advertising services, Microsoft is also possible in Windows Phone 7 platform to promote similar services, but Microsoft may be using their mobile advertising product, not to start the acquisition.

Millennial Media 1600 U.S. dollars amount of third round of funding, the current valuation of 5 million. However, the industry believes that Microsoft’s acquisition of Millennial Media may be just hearsay, even though Microsoft holding a lot of cash, you can spend elsewhere, rather than the acquisition of a mobile advertising company.

When asked about the acquisition of the PAC, Millennial Media that does not comment on rumors, Microsoft has not yet comment.

According to foreign media reports, Russian Internet Capital Group DST Group buy U.S. site yesterday announced that it will invest 135 million U.S. dollars Groupon and valuation of one billion U.S. dollars of the site, but the sources, DST is not the only reaching out to the Groupon and are willing to pay high prices Shares of the company, other than prices prompted Groupon cooperation with the DST.

According to sources, several other private equity firms are also Dell Inspiron 9300 battery for acquisitions Groupon, which includes Providence Equity Partners and wind investment company Technology Crossover Ventures (hereinafter referred to as “TCV”).

DST through the start-up companies provide a higher valuation to scare off competitors. Last summer, the company valued at 100 billion investment to Facebook. Last fall, the company’s Facebook game developer Zynga to invest 300 million U.S. dollars, said to the valuation of the site to reach 3 billion U.S. dollars.

But this strategy does not seem high valuations are effective. Sources said, Providence Equity Partners to provide a valuation has reached about 10 billion dollars, while the valuation of TCV allegedly more than 10 billion dollars. Thus, the final withering Groupon DST not only because of its high bid. Groupon CEO Andrew @ Mason (Andrew Mason) said: “The most recent post-DST subvert the entire investment. They are good at discovering outstanding companies and entrepreneurs want a way to give behind the scenes support, they will not in terms of cooperation on Zi baht will be more, investment is very flexible. “

In addition, Mason also said he is very happy with the cooperation of DST, DST people think “very smart”


Compellent can realize the value of mobile data architecture, the first is to reduce the cost of 80% of the second half of the management to save time and again to ensure the continuous availability of data, this introduced a revolutionary data management strategy.

First of all to achieve virtualization, Compellent simplifies customer data and device management, is the virtual server of choice, beyond the hard drive type, interface type, and RAID constraints;

Secondly, intelligent, the realization of the data volume to manage and realize the value of unique features;

Once again, customer automation, Compellent be placed to optimize the data;

Finally the overall program to provide efficient low-carbon, Compellent HP pavilion dv9000 battery save energy consumption and floor space;

Visible, Compellent is the future of enterprise storage integration company, launched in 2010, including the storage centers both hardware and software products. Specifically for software to streamline the configuration, automatic classification storage, intelligent store features, specifically point out that this year will release third quarter FCOE of storage products, Ke Yi do alone system expansion Dao 1800 disk. At the same time, its block-level virtualization breakthrough efficient platform allows fast-track copy, remote replication becomes simple. In the virtual server environment, Compellent is the most intelligent storage. Furthermore, Compellent’s 100% of customers use the functions to streamline the configuration.

In addition, Compellent is a patented automatic hierarchical storage structure of the flow of data, can non-node activity data automatically moved into low-cost disk, to store frequently accessed data to the storage disk heretics, so that all HDD maximize the utilization and performance. Expansion of order 81% of customers purchase only low-cost high-capacity hard drive.

Compellent storage products will be done inside the CDP, there are not many manufacturers such practices. Its patented continuous data availability is very high.

Brian Bell said: Compellent integration platform, the Enterprise Manager, allows for automatic management of dynamic cloud. Its unified SAN and NAS storage, seamless support for block and file based data storage, heterogeneous OS, file sharing, to avoid the island space.

Channel model similar to the U.S. to go hand in hand with partners

Commenting on Compellent channel in the United States to promote models and strategies, and compared to China, what are the different places, Brian Bell, said, overall, the two approaches are similar, in some media industry, ISV practice are not the same, China’s approach has Sony VGP-BPS5 battery differences, some radio and television market monopoly and closed.

“First on a number of industries, and partners to develop the industry. Channel model to the industry value-added distributors.

Compellent has always taken a 100% channel strategy. During start up, by our own customers to promote, assist partners to promote. “Mr Chan added.

And industry partners simultaneously coverage and promotion, indicating channels Compellent is very important. “Early in May, C-DRIVE around the General Assembly will have 500 partners gathered together to discuss new directions for the new strategy.” Jie said.

Compellent is still present through the SI, ISV partners such as customers do direct marketing, Chen Jie said that based on the characteristics of each industry to start one by one, the resources to support the soon be in place. It is now established close cooperative relations, such as long-day technology, Teamsun, micro Thai science and technology than 10 partners. “Every partner in one or a few industries with certain resources.” He pointed out that, Compellent will help channel edge, the two together, hand in hand, and to expand the market, but also by the unique Compellent technologies such as mobile data structure, To sit tight in the automatic tiered storage number one.

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