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What are search engines Quite simply put these are websites that let you find other websites You may have a fantastic website or might be offering a fantastic product or a service that offers tremendous value to the consumer from the website but how is the consumer going to know about your website A search hellip Read more
When people talk about pay per click advertising they usually think about Google AdWords Well they are not the only PPC search engine around as most of us know There is also Yahoo s Search Marketing tool that is very useful for boosting traffic for Internet marketers So why do you want to use Yahoo as hellip Read more
There are several services on the internet which offer pay per click advertising Google Adwords is the most popular pay per click advertising campaign in the world today This makes sense because Google is the most popular search engine in the world today as well This is a preview of Pros and Cons Promoting Your hellip Read more
When preparing to begin a pay per click marketing campaign it really helps to go into the situation with an idea of what the numbers look like By the numbers I mean what kind of return on your investment you can expect assuming different bid levels and different conversion rates It s really all just conjecture hellip Read more
Those who frequent the internet would have heard one way or another about Affiliate Marketing This is an internet based marketing tool commonly used by online business owners to spread the word about their products or services that they offer This is a great marketing strategy because the business can target the proper niches or hellip Read more
Truth be told you don t have to be an award winning copywriter to create effective marketing materials for your CPA practice I found out a number of years back that even the pros use templates to create ads and sales letters that get results This is a preview of Grow Your CPA Firm Using Killer hellip Read more
Plenty of marketers talk about pay per click advertising as if it is the be all and end all of Internet marketing techniques Well truth be told it isn t Don t get me wrong I do use PPC to a huge extent in my business but I can live without it Why In this article I m hellip Read more
Traditional Marketing advertising telemarketing email campaigns pop-up ads and mailers is interruption marketing The marketer is seeking attention to his message by interrupting the attention of the prospect The consumer did not ask you to send the mailer or call her in the middle of her busy schedule This is a preview of hellip Read more


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