Sign the advertising / affiliate tax petition Info on individual state laws

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0 Responses to “The Future of Affiliate Marketing (Ad Taxes)”

  • It has been quite some time since I have heard anyone espouse the common sense that you do within this video. You are right on the money. I wish you well in all you do and encourage those who watch and listen to this video to heed your advice.
    Thank you for providing an intelligent and honest viewpoint within a medium known for its deceit and unforgiving greed. You are appreciated.

  • You are very knowledgable when it comes to business and internet marketing. I go to college for computers and information management systems, and the the professors don’t even cover topics such as affiliate marketing and adsense; I wish they would. I find you highly informative and motivating. I made it past 4 of your videos, so it goes to show you that you are doing something that will help people generate a solid income using the internet in creative ways. Keep up the good work.

  • How do you feel that mobile marketing will effect affliate programs ? considering those who are new and want to generate traffic to there sites , but still are late to the game when it comes to mobile ? is there any hope for us ?

  • more great info ! I love it

  • More government—figures. People always love it when it involves some other person or group.

    “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains” ~ Rousseau

    Great videos and sites…

  • wow another Govt regulation i see…

    🙂 this was a very powerful video Lisa, thank you. 5 stars, added to favorites, subscribed. Thinking of buying the SBI too … not sure if its a good Idea for me as i live in Japan.. any suggestions? Thank you very much for your time.

  • oh, im not getting all over your videos in my subscription box.

  • What’s the ROI on selling domains and hosting?

  • @bowlingballreviews Not that I’ve heard.

  • Is eBay partners dropping affiliates too??

  • You are right. In Colorado higher taxes has created less incentive for business to operate here. As a Colorado resident I have seen my state go from prosperity to poverty.

    The way to prosperity is less government intrusion and less government intervention. Lower taxes and less entitlement programs. Greater freedom to the private sector and the free market system.


  • i love you lisa thankyou!!!!

  • you luk good!!! And thanx.!.!.!

  • excellent video Lisa, I had no idea about this tax. Thank you.

  • Girl you are keeping us updated! Thanks Lisa…I want those EARRINGS!

  • Awesome video! Look forward to more. Will share with my business networking site!

  • new screen ??

  • @036265 … that’s not very nice… It is happening

  • woot! 1,337 views

  • Great advice. Thank You.

  • one of the best videos that I ever heard. that’s a great tip.

  • I can’t wait until you develop your OWN product. My search is over, thx 😀

  • What about creating a LLC in Nevada or Delaware for yourself? If its works for other companies and corporations would it work for an affiliate?

  • Something else you should have a look at is internet censorship, if the government disagrees with what you’re saying, they tell the ISP’s and you loose your market.

    Thanks for the vid 😀 lol

  • Good advice. UIGEA law killed poker and casino affiliate programs. Always good to keep up with new laws that could affect business. One way to diversify might be to translate into different languages. I am always amazed at what corners of the globe some of my visitors are from.


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