The difference between MLM and affiliate marketing. You can join SiteSell’s 2 Tier program @

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0 Responses to “MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing”

  • Im studying to become a border patrol agent but Lisa I love business and i love the idea of making money on the internet so Im going to do this as a hobby and i think is perfect for me because i enjoy it and Im willing to put lots of time to this business but first im going to do a lot of research before i begin my business .Affiliate is more of my style so far.

  • Just a tip.. i think that your videos are really good in the sense that it is telling the truth… but IMO your videos are kinda condescending (not talking about this particular video.. i mean you video in general) .. sometimes people just cant accept that reality, thus the criticism and bad comments. i think your videos should have more positivity in it and thats how u can more views.. and gives people a little more hope too…

  • or just do both!

  • Cool YouTube channel my friend, I just finished rating your latest video and appreciate the knowledge u bring forward. Please subscribe back and continue shining your gift with the world.

  • @lisa3876 Hey Lisa, Cpt. Michael here from Thailand! I think he mistook what you where saying. You were just being honest sweetheart, and if you should want to try your hand at MLM, MYLeadSystemPro will make you a believer.Integrity and Trust is hard to find these days,so don’t ever bargain yourself away. MLM truly does work, you just have to have the RIGHT product, that is, if you want to succeed.God Bless and Be Safe! Cpt. Michael out from Thailand! ManifestMLMOnlineWealth(dot)com

  • Affliate marketing and MLM are great, I like them both!

  • thanks Lisa very informative.

  • I don’t see Lisa bashing MLM on this video. Good video, and I am not only saying that because you are an attractive women.

  • Oh How it works?

  • Aren’t you able to do both? It’s both pushing products, the MLM you talk about is the traditional way. Have you heard of Internet Network Marketing? Do both. Marketing is marketing!

  • Awesome Video!!

  • There are some awesome MLM programs out there. I am not bashing it. It’s just not for me. I’m entitled to my preference just like you are. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Some Great Information ,, Very Good ,, Thanks for the Tips

  • I liked the “waving of the red flag” illistration

  • Say it like you see it Lisa, I hear you sister. love you much. thanks

  • and for all of you “GENIUS”, every single successful business in the world is successful because they have mutiple networks, it’s called FRANCHISING for all of you college graduates

  • are you guys serious……you’re listening to someone that does her homework by going on GOOGLE……for all of you college graduates with fancy degrees, GOOGLE is a SEARCH engine, NOT a RESEARCH engine…..this lady is just simply bashing MLM because in MLM everyone helps each other, she’s just selfish and doesn’t wanna help others…she just wants to selll products and make money only for herself…someone needs to tell this GENIUS that not all MLM’s get paid for “recruiting..

  • you can go to jail for cash gifting

  • Hey there. This is a truly fantastic video! I am involved in online marketing myself and I work in a system which is a little easier to use than the one you are currently involved in. I think you could do very well here, I’d be honored if you’d check out my channel for info. You will not regret this.
    Michael Commorato

  • Great video. Very informative.

  • Very very clear and very factual. I am apart on the MLM program that is really awsome. Thanks for the support, cause we need more educated people like you to put the word out there that what “they” think may be a pyramid, may not be. I witnessed a pyramid scheme with a friend of mine that was amazed by the cash that could be made..Yet there was no product and you had to give $10 for a pool and gose to some1 else til your turn comes. Crazy

  • aHH this is a very good video, many people confuse IM with MLM with pyramid schemes.. Kudos Lisa!

  • how come they only go down several levels? im doing this gold and silver mlm and i think it goes down infinite levels, i dunno maybe im confused

  • what are you talking about?

  • Wow, Thanks for the info…figured out MLM is not for me I’m just not a pusher. I will definetly look into affiliate marketing as a means to make money online.
    Thanks again!


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