Yes, pay per click advertising will cost you but if you do it
right, it should make you money. If you are running pay per
click advertising campaign and more money is going out than
coming in, something is not right. Here are 5 steps to targeting
the right keywords and minimizing costs.

Are your keywords too broad?

Let’s just say you have developed an amazing diet drink that is
safe, effective, tasty and will guarantee that people will lose
15 lbs in 30 days. You know you have a product that is a winner
and are excited about marketing it on the World Wide Web.
However, you are relatively new to the Web and pick keywords
that are too general and expensive like ‘dieting’ or ‘weight
loss’. Not only are you perhaps disappointed by your PPC
advertising results but it will likely be draining your bank
account. This is why niche keywords are so important. Look at
bidding on keywords such as ‘weight loss supplement’ or ‘weight
loss drink’. Go to Overture or Word Tracker and find keywords
that are more niche oriented and not so competitive.

Is your ad dull or attention getting?

It is worthwhile to spend some time learning about effective
copy writing. It could be the difference between mediocrity and
success. You want to know how to get someone’s attention.
Unfortunately saying “I have the best diet drink on the planet”
doesn’t work. You have to motivate and inspire people to take
their time to look at what you have to offer. And, in pay per
click advertising you have to do it in very few words. This can
be a challenge. Learn the words that sell or attract or grab
someone’s attention like “Must see”, “Quick results”, “New…”,
“The truth…”, “Groundbreaking…”, “Instant…”

Double Check your URL!

Sounds like a no-brainer but many times people either misspell
their URL or send someone to their home page instead of the page
that directly relates to their question. In other words, you may
have a website that is dedicated to weight loss but in your pay
per click advertising, you want to direct them specifically to
your diet drink. So, you would want your URL to read
. There is nothing
more frustrating to the website visitor than having to go
hunting for the information. Your job is to make it easy to find
and informative. If they have to look long, they will leave.
These are dollars lost to you.

What is your competition doing?

It is likely that your competitors who have a high PR (page
rank) and continue to advertise, are doing something right.
Learn from those who are successful. While the differences may
seem subtle to you, in the World of PPC advertising a word or
sentence can discourage or invite a potential website visitor.

What should my title be for my PPC ad ?

Plain and simple use the keyword that is being searched on.
Don’t get fancy or creative here. If someone is looking for diet
drink then your ad title is ‘diet drink’. Give the website
visitor what they want.

The bidding war is on

Try your best not to get caught in the bidding war game. There
are plenty of ways to drive traffic to your site without
spending a fortune. General keywords will always have high
prices like ‘dieting.’ Don’t fall for the trap. Most refined
keywords will have lower priced bids but are excellent because
they will target your traffic. A Website visitor may only be
looking for diet recipes and dislike diet drinks. They are not
your customer. Same for the website visitor who may want to
tone-up while they are dieting. The more specific you can target
your market, the better you will do.

Two other tips: If all the bids are around 25 cents and the lead
bid is at $5.00, you know someone is trying to own the number 1
position. If you want to have fun bid $4.99 and they will get
nailed $5.00 for every click and you will only pay 26 cents if
they click on your ad. Warning though: if you want to play this
game, keep an eye out so they don’t drop their bid. I sometimes
do this as a temporary measure to bring someone back to fair
playing grounds.

Secondly, keep any eye on all of your bids. People do change
what they are willing to bid on any given keyword or search
term. I do an overview every few days.

The test results are back

One last key to good pay per click advertising is testing your
ads. You can set up two different campaigns and rotate them for
the same period of time. What you might learn could surprise you
and benefit your bank account!

Jan Peterson founder of researches
and reviews business opportunities Over 400 FREE reports
available. Successful e-book with reprint rights also available

Jan Peterson founder of researches
and reviews business opportunities Over 400 FREE reports
available. Successful e-book with reprint rights also available.

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